About tj


TJ has been a writer of fiction since middle school where she published her first short stories in the school newsletter. TJ specializes in historic western stories about people, places, and the times. She particularly enjoys conducting the research necessary to accurately establish the historic moment in time, bringing it to life in the pages of her books.

Western life and culture, particularly the old west has long been a passion of TJ’s. She has always been fascinated by the simplicity of everyday life overlaid by the harshness and unforgiving nature of the struggle for survival. Her favorite movies have been the westerns starring John Wayne whose character generally portrayed honor, decency, and standing up for what is right. Many of those movies were based on novels and short stories of the west written about lawmen, scoundrels, and the women that helped make the west what it was as well as our country today.

TJ also has a rich family history in the old west. Her maternal grandmother told stories of her childhood and travelling through the Nebraska Territory in a covered wagon in the latter part of the 1800s. She spoke of the difficulties of travelling day after day and the challenges associated with keeping themselves fed. Though travel was extremely difficult, the land was beautiful and pristine with clear skies and fresh clean air. TJ’s grandmother was also known for being quite a horsewoman and riding a horse to teach school in a one-room schoolhouse. She later met and married a railroad man.

TJ’s paternal grandmother spoke at length of her childhood in what is now Kansas. Some of her favorite stories were of working in her mother’s restaurant (TJ’s great grandmother) and of serving Jesse and Frank James on a number of occasions. Later, she married a soldier in the U.S. Cavalry.

Though TJ is not currently writing about her own family history, she is using the stories passed down to her to make her books as personally real as possible.

TJ lives in the desert southwest with her friends, family and a bunch of dogs.